Accessing One Oracle APEX Application from another

In this blog, I’ll explain how we can call an Oracle APEX application from another Oracle APEX application.

To access an Oracle APEX application from inside another Oracle APEX Application, all you have to do is enable session sharing in both the applications using Custom type and creating a cookie in both the applications and configure URL of 2nd APEX Application’s endpoint as list entry in your first application upon clicking which it’ll redirect you to the 2nd application.

Here you’ll have two choices as mentioned below:

a. Whether you want user to key in credentials for the second application

b. You don’t want user to key in credentials for the second application and rather take you directly to the home page or any page in that second application.

Let me walk you through the entire process step by step.

  1. I’ll create a simple application as below

2. In which I’ll create few pages as below

3. Now to access the second application from first. Go to Shared Components → Authentication Schemes (Security). Click on the existing Authentication scheme → Session Sharing and change the Type to “Custom” and give some name to the Cookie. (We will be giving the same cookie name in the second application as well). Apply Changes.

4. Repeat Step3 even on the second application which you want to access from the first.

5. Now, go to Shared Components → Navigation → Navigation Menu (on the first Application) and click on Navigation Menu

6. Now, create a new list entry which contains URL of second application to be called as shown below

Here, I have given URL of my application home page as I don’t want to key in the credentials and if you want to key in credentials or go to another page on the second application, you can provide the URL accordingly. Create List Entry.

7. Your application looks as below, where the last entry “Cross Schema Application” (which is to create an Oracle APEX application with data across schemas) is the way to traverse to my second application.



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