Decoding OIC Instance Metrics

In this blog, we will discuss on how to decode various Metrics provided on OIC Instance Home page.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides with few default metrics for an Oracle Integration Cloud Instance Home page.

This Dashboard shows the below metrics for a chosen interval

a. Received Messages → Number of Message Received

b. Successful Messages → Number of Successful Messages

c. Failed Messages → Number of Failed Messages

d. Inbound request processing time → Time taken for processing inbound requests (in Milliseconds)

e. Outbound request invocation time → Time taken for outbound invocation of external endpoint (in milliseconds)

f. Inbound requests → Number of Inbound Requests

g. Outbound requests → Number of Outbound Requests

You can play around the displayed graphs by altering the default interval and statistic against each metric.

The default (Auto) Interval for all these metrics is 5Minutes.

All these metrics are built based on MQL (Monitoring Query Language). You can fetch the query for each and every metric (Options → Copy Query (MQL)).

The default queries to build the dashboards are as below:

MessagesReceivedCount[5m]{resourceId =“<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().sum()

MessagesSuccessfulCount[5m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().sum()

MessagesFailedCount[1440m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().sum()

InboundRequestProcessingTime[5m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().percentile(.95)

OutboundRequestInvocationTime[5m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().percentile(.95)

NumberOfInboundRequests[5m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().sum()

NumberOfOutboundRequests[5m]{resourceId = “<OICInstanceOCID>”}.grouping().sum()

You can even create an alarm on this query, in case you want to be notified if there are more number of Failed Messages or if Inbound Message processing time is more or if you are receiving more messages than usual on your Instance.

These Alarm’s & Metric dashboards can be created for various other OCI resources.

Similarly, you can create a single dashboard for different OIC Metrics along with Activity Streams. You can also create a single dashboard with Metrics for multiple other OCI resources as per your need.



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