Oracle APEX application with MySQL Data

  1. Install MySQL on OCI.
  2. Create a simple table and insert data in MySQL.
  3. Install ORDS for OCI MySQL. (Optional)
  4. Create REST Enabled SQL for MySQL.
  5. Create a simple APEX application on OCI using OCI MySQL Table data.
  1. Access to OCI Tenancy
  2. Access to VCN, Subnets (public)
  3. Access to create MySQL instance on OCI.
  4. Access to a Compute on a Public Subnet.
  5. Access to an APEX Instance on OCI.
  1. Name for your Database
  2. Compartment where it has to be created
  3. Choose the type of MySQL Database you need (Standalone, HA, HeatWave)
  4. Username & Password for DB
  5. VCN and Subnets where you want the Database to be provisioned (choose the subnet where you have a compute created).
  6. What configuration machine you need (hardware) along with Data Storage size
  7. Backup plan (as to how frequently you need backup and any specific time backup should be taken)
MySQL Workbench
Workspace Utilities
OCI APEX Application



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Santhosh Kumar BVSRK

15+ Years in IT/ITES| ML & AI Enthusiast| Integration Specialist — BPEL, OSB, OIC, IICS, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure| Database Scripting-SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL